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We can make custom cables or repair your old ones.  

We also build brake hoses.

Cable repair has a $50 minimum. We carry most throttle cable ends.


In the last five years I have had 3 clutch cables break the end off shortly after installation. Each time it was the result of poor cable routing, poorly operating clutches or lack of lubrication. Clutch cables are made from the factory with a swaging machine. We use a solder pot. This method is less tolerant of abuse. I’d rather not do it than be forced to fix it because of circumstances beyond my control.

Custom brake lines will only be made on the bike. This is because the orientation of the banjo fittings is critical and they will not fit properly if off even a little.  Furthermore, if we install the brake lines and bleed the system, there is no question about leakage/ binding, etc. If you insist on having brake lines made that are not fitted on the bike, you assume all risk.