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Carb Work

Prices are for carb clean/overhaul, labor only.  All parts additional. We recommend OEM parts for carbs. We will install aftermarket carb kits but have found that the quality of these kits is hit and miss. If you are trying to save money and do not wish to purchase OEM carb parts (no, they are not cheap) then you will assume responsibility for the outcome of the work.

Single cylinder   from $127.50

Twins from $255.00

In line Four Cylinder from $382.50

Gold Wing 4 Cylinder from $510.00  6 cylinders from $680.

If you own a Honda CBX 6 cylinder, you will need a second loan on your house. This is a very labor intensive job. The exhaust must come off and the engine tilted forward. Minimum labor on a carb job for a CBX is $680.

If carbs need to be taken off the rack due to leaking between carb bodies, the charge will be higher. When carbs are off the rack, they can be ultrasonically cleaned. Exceptionally dirty carbs (one that have been sitting so long the gas turned to green glue) will be on a time and materials basis. The above prices are for bikes that come in running. Gas tank cleaning and fuel valve cleaning are additional and are not included in the price of a carb clean. All parts are additional.